Fiadone sweet


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Il fiadone è prodotto, con alcune varianti, in tutto il territorio regionale. Si tratta di una torta rustica o dolce costituita da un involucro di pasta sottile che contiene un ripieno di formaggi e/o ricotta e uova.
Vassoio da 700g.


The fiadone is produced, with some variations across the region. This is a rustic tart or sweet consists of a shell of dough containing a stuffed with cheese and / or ricotta and eggs. Following the firing takes a nice golden color, light and translucent and usually guarnita with strips of pasta variously arranged. The stuffing has an internal consistency semicompatta and or spongy and a fragrant scent of cheese. Its origins go back to the times of Messisbugo, contemporary Ariosto, and we find in “scalco renaissance” of the court of Ferrara. Recipe arrived in Abruzzo because in scalco was listed as an ingredient saffron, spice already produced nell’Aquilano since then. Over the years the recipe of fiadone was then modified assuming typical characteristics. Its use was linked to the celebration of the Holy Easter and it is still as a gift exchanged between families during holidays. Source: Atlas of traditional products d’Abruzzo – 2004


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